Signature MovesEdit
  • God Hand: Mark’s first signature move learned from his grandfather’s notes.
  • Double God Hand: A more powerful version of the God Hand. Instead of using one hand, he uses two. The God Hand itself just became bigger. Used in the finals against Royal Academy’s Emperor Penguin No.2.
  • Fireball Knuckle: Mark’s second signature move personally learned through constant practice. Endou simply punches the ball with explosive force. It’s known in Japanese as Nekketsu Punch.
  • Blazing Knuckle: Mark’s third signature move that was invented during the match against Royal. It is basically using the said technique above rapidly. It’s known in Japanese as Bakuretsu Punch.
  • Majin the Hand: Originally the technique that Mark’s grandfather, David Evans, was the only one who perfected it, but Mark was finally able to perfect it during the match against Zeus Junior High. He uses his right hand for the technique unlike his Grandfather, who used his left hand in order to use the energy in his heart. Instead of a hand appearing, a majin appeared on top of Mark.
  • Fist of Justice : “The Ultimate Technique” a technique that Mark’s grandfather never perfected. During the time Mark was trying to learn it he ended up stopping the technique before it fully finished. The key to the technique was the “whirl”. He finally understood the “whirl” to mean instead of punching the ball but to create a spinning stop. The technique looks like a fist version of God Hand and constantly spinning to stop the ball. It is the technique Mark has powered up the most, with 5 generations.It is called Seigi no Teken at Japanese.
  • Megaton Head : Mark invented this technique during the match against Diamond Dust, because he was outside the penalty area, he wasn’t allowed to use his hands so he quickly developed this technique. This was the technique he used often to block the ball when he played Libero.
  • Hammer of Wrath: Mark uses Majin the Hand, leaps into the air and smashes the incoming ball with the technique. At Japanese, it is known as Hammer of Rage. This move was able to block Byron, Burn and Gazelle’s Chaos Break in their match against Korea’s Fire Dragon.
  • Ijigen the Hand:The technique that Mark originally invented.He punches the ground,then releases a lightning like barrier that send the ball flying. The first time this was used was to stop England’s Ace Striker Edgar Valtinas Excalibur